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How can I register a domain name?

1. To register your domain click here
2. Enter the name of the new domain you wish to register.
3. If the domain is available then go ahead and register.

How to change my name servers?

To modify the name server information just follow these simple steps:
1. Click here
2. Type your Domain Name and password and click 'Login'
3. Click 'Edit' under DNS Information.
4. Chose the DNS Settings as ‘Custom’.
5. Add new Name Server’
6. Click 'Add New'.

For example:

7. Changes are applied immediately but may take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Sales Questions: (Domains)

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What's included with my Domain Name?

Our prices include all administrative and registry fees for the number of years you are registered with us. Furthermore, every domain name registered with us comes with:
- FREE 24/7 Support
- FREE Domain Parking
- FREE Management Tools
- FREE Renewal Reminder
- FREE Domain Transfers Out

Are there any ongoing hidden fees?

No, once you have registered your domain name with “EasyHost1” it is yours, providing you pay the renewal every period it is due.

How many domains can I register?

As many as you like; there is no limit.

What if the name I want isn't available?

Don't be put off. There are lots to choose from.
If you want an international name, try using '.net' or ‘.org' instead of '.com'.

Can I register a brand name?

If it is your brand name then yes. However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you do not infringe the rights of any other company or individual. If you register a brand-name or company name which belongs to another company as a domain name, we reserve the right to cancel the registration. Furthermore, you will be liable for any costs incurred as a result of the registration.

I don't have a website. Can I still register a domain?

Yes. You can reserve as many domain names as you like.

How many characters can my domain name have?

Your domain name can have up to 63 characters, not including the extension (.com or '.org' are examples of extensions).

What characters can be used in domain names?

Domain names can have up to 63 characters. You could even choose something like for your domain name. You will sometimes find references to 67 characters in domain names. This includes the dot and the letters c-o-m as an additional 4 characters.
The valid characters for use in all domain names are:
- any of the letters a to z (for example,
- any numbers 0 to 9 (for example,
- you may also use a hyphen (-) (for example,
- the domain can be a combination of numbers, letters and hyphens
- the domain can begin and end in a number (for example,